Our rates

OswestryCabs is dedicated to providing a high-quality service at a competitive rate. Below is a detailed list of our standard rates and fees. Please contact us to get a quote for special arrangements.

Fares samples (taxi service)

Price list will soon follow.

Airport shuttle service


               Airport price list single journey to or from Oswestry

               Prices are good for journeys completed before the end of 2014



Taxi estate car 4passengers                                   Minibus  5 to 8 passengers.


Birmingham         £82.00                                                   £110.00

Manchester          £59.00                                                   £79.00

Liverpool             £59.00                                                   £79.00

Heathrow            £180.00                                                 £230.00

Gatwick              £220.00                                                 £290.00




All airports are covered. If your destination airport is not listed please contact us for a quote.


Contact us to get a quote for your event.


Pre-paid accounts, pay-per-ride and monthly accounts are available subject to a minimum usage. Please contact us to find out more.

Additional information

There is no additional charge for extra passengers. Up to four passengers may ride in a saloon taxi for the price of one.


A minibus is only charged at our minibus rates if carrying more than four passengers, or it is requested or needed, due to a larger than normal amount of luggage or goods to be transported.


A service charge is not included in the prices listed above. We leave  gratuities to the discretion of the customer, and although not expected they are never refused if offered.


We accept cash.